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If you’re reading this page you are probably looking for help with your own diet – well you’re in the right place and only an email or call away from getting the advice and support you need.

I came to dietetics from having a deep curiosity about nutrition, its effects and benefits, for me and my family. Until the age of 30, I was successfully working in the media industry when global and personal life events prompted a change within me. After some research and planning, I started a six year programme of study.

In 2008 I realised my dream: I graduated and became a registered dietitian. During my training, that curiosity turned into a real passion for nutrition – supported by science. The love of my profession has increased with the help I’ve given to others and the satisfaction that brings. I have since undertaken further more specialised study and I now have the knowledge, passion, skill  and energy to help people in these areas.

Have a look at the services I offer, what I do and get in touch. Through conversation we can discover the best approach to help you meet your nutrition and dietary goals. I offer a free telephone consultation so we can decide how best to work together to create your individualised programme.

Jo Robinson

  • Jo was excellent – she has changed my eating habits and the World Cancer Fund website has underpinned her message which I can look at again after the course and ongoing.”

  • Jo has delivered many talks on diet and nutrition to cancer patients providing expert advice and knowledge, always demonstrating a passion to enable patients to live their lives well. A resource that is definitely worth investing for any cancer patient.”

    ~ Francesca Jaworska, Macmillan CNS
  • Jo has been helping me with my IBS. She took time to understand my issues and current diet and to explain her recommendation that I follow a low FODMAP diet before reintroducing certain foods in order to identify what my intolerances are.

    I admit I was slightly sceptical at first that it would have that much of an impact and it initially needed some creativity to cook interesting meals. But more importantly the change I have experienced came quickly and was so much more than I’d hoped for. I feel like a completely different person!

    I’m now in the reintroduction phase. Jo has provided good follow up advice and continues to support me. It’s been a revelation to follow Jo’s advice and get such good results. It’s probably one of the best things I could ever have done.”

    ~ Bern, Essex

Weight Management

To help you succeed on your weight loss journey I use my experience, a dietetic evidence base and, most importantly, your story of your journey so far.

I believe that any weight loss solution should be exactly tailored to you and your personal requirements and needs. I have written a successful weight management programme and I am a licensed Counterweight-Plus practitioner. This programme is most famous for achieving remission of type 2 diabetes and sustained significant weight loss. I know the advantages and disadvantages of these and other weight loss plans. Together we can decide which solution is best for you on your path to your optimum weight and healthier life.

Sports Nutrition

Nutrition plays an important role in training, competition, rehab and recovery.

Through post graduate study I am now a registered sports and exercise nutritionist. This is an exciting development for me in a fast growing, client based area. Multiple nutrition schemes are available and promoted, some of which are conflicting and unreliable. Through evidence-based practice, I can help you achieve your sporting goals, whether you’re a recreational gym goer, completing an endurance event e.g. marathon or triathlon, or are a full-time athlete. I can give you baseline advice or specific periodized nutrition plans based on the most up to date science. I connect with physiotherapists and personal trainers when needed to ensure a holistic approach for your fitness goals.

Gut Sensitivity

There are many reasons why you may have a sensitive gut and you may even wonder what I mean by this! Some may call it an irritable bowel and for others it’s a lack of control that could have been induced by surgery or even life events. Whatever your reason or diagnosis I can help you, with general advice or maybe a period of elimination to identify trigger foods. I am trained to supervise a low fodmap diet. Studies have shown this approach provides symptom control in over 75% of people. I will undertake a symptom evaluation and dietary assessment that will help decide the right path for you and put you back in control.

Cancer Prevention and Survivorship

The internet and media can be full of confusing and conflicting advice.
I can take that confusion away. I won’t sell you potions or quick fixes, but will tell you the best way to reduce your risk and provide ideas on how to prioritise and change the way you eat.

Cancer now affects everybody with one in two now estimated to get cancer. I work with multiple cancer charities, including Macmillan and the World Cancer Research Fund. Through my relationships with these organisations combined with previous work and my own experience, I understand that clients may feel lost after treatment. Nutrition plays an important role in primary and secondary prevention, that is, reducing your risk in the first place and after a diagnosis and treatment.

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